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Maui has excellent weather year round!

Yes, Maui has very consistent weather. One of the things that makes Maui such a popular year-round vacation destination is its mild climate. It is perceived that we have two seasons, winter and summer. With winter months being slightly cooler than the summer.

  • Average summer high temperature is around 90 degrees farenheit.
  • Average winter high temperature is in the mid-80's.

In the winter, Mainland and Canadian visitors flock to Maui to get away from the cold. in the summer, mainlanders and families return to cool off. Many Maui residences have no air conditioning and no heater. Windows are almost always left open and ceiling fans and our cooling trade wind breezes usually provide all the air conditioning we need here in paradise. The Island Sands Resort has air conditioners for your convenience & comfort in every unit.

Haycraft BeachMaalaea Beach - Next to Island Sands Resort
Located at the North end of a 5-mile stretch of Sugar Beach. This beach is steps from the Maui Island Sands Resort. Located between the two mountains that form Maui. Favorite activities include walking, surfing and whale watching right from the shoreline! 


Haycraft BeachDid you know that Humpack Whales swim from Alaska to Maalaea Bay to have their babies?

From January thru April, you can sit on your lanai and watch this annual ritual. Or better yet, get on a whale watch boat to get up close and personal. It's an amazing experience to see these 40 ton animals.






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